Step 1 - Select a event


leave Game

Craft Item

Mine block

drop item

flower potted

insert a flower

junk fished

treasure fished

use item

use cauldron

fill cauldron

talked to villager

trade with villager

damage dealt

hit a player/entity

damage taken

get hitted by a player/entity


player kill

kill a player

mob kill

kill a mob

specify mob kill

open inventory

open furnace

open hopper

open dropper

open dispenser

open chest

open redstone chest

open ender chest

open beacon

open brewingstand

open workbench

Noteblock played

Noteblock tuned

play music disc

Step 2 - Trigger a command
# Selector Command Action
Step 3 - Get the final command

Get a CommandBlock: /give @p command_block
paste the Command in the CommandBlock and activate the CommandBlock.